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by yingying xu •  • 17 comments

2019 Summer Hair Style Guide, Cardi B VS Nicki Minaj? Who Is The Fashion Trend?

People always like to compare Cardi B and Nicki, compare their music, they dressing style, their hair etc. Let’s to be fair with them, each of them has their unique taste on fashion, makeup and their hair color, hair style. Now let’s throw back to some of their classic hair looks and to see if this will give you some ideas for your 2019 summer hair style.   Look 1. Blonde Hair This is the look when Cardi B. was played on 2018 NYC Global Citizen Festival. She was wearing a 40” platinum blonde wig with gorgeous red costume. This is her first return to stage performance since giving birth. Tip: Platinum blonde hair is always the perfect match up with red outfit. But blonde hair needs extra care and maintenance. As we all know Nicki Minaj is well known as black barbie. All Her clothes, her hair, her lip stick... is about pink. This is when Nicki Minaj on 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. She was wearing a tied neon pink latex bodysuit. She even colored half of her hair in pink. Do y’all love her creative look?   Look 2. Short Cut Bob I have to say Nicki’s short blonde bob with the even cut bangs just rock the red carpet. And that vintage hat is a plus for this look. If you want to try a blonde wig but afraid to have a long full head blonde color. You can start with this short bob. I know this is hard decision to choose who is your favorite. Cardi B’s glass bob look makes her  stand out sitting at the first row at Milan Fashion Week. If you want to go high-end fashion, a glass hair look will always be the secure choice. Remember in fashion word, less is more sometimes.   Look 3. Natural Black Hair This is the look when Cardi B was at Paris Fashion Week, She stepped out with a long black hair and with a side braid. It’s hard to see when Cradi B has a such natural and simple look. Even her outfit style, she also wearing dark purple makeup. I have to say this is totally not Cardi B style. This is too simple, too high-end fashion for her. Nicki Minaj"s outfit at 2018 at VMA. Nicki hits the VMA red carpet every signal year. In 2017 she has a half blonde and half pastel pink hair. In 2018 she goes to natural look with longer hair. This brings the new hairstyle trend. When girls go to buy hair, they will ask do y’all sell 40” long hair like Nicki’s.   Look 4. Pink Wig Nicki Minaj has so many pink hair looks. This one is a very classic pink look and also most normal one that you can wear in the daily life. If you have a same face shape as Nicki, then a front bang will make you look as cute as a barbie. It’s kind of “wired beauty” and so Nicki style. Cardi B doesn't wear pink wig too often. Look at this platinum blonde highlight with the neon pink hair. Whoever did her hair style is very smart. Those two highlights framing her face so well. Tip: if you think some color wigs are too boring, try to add front highlights may completely change the character of the wig. Welcome to sharing ideas for summer hair style.