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Lace Wig Glue, Wig Tape And Wig Grip Which One To Choose?

by yingying xu |  | 19 comments

3 Methods You Should Know To Secure Your Wigs

When you get your lace front wig you are so excited about trying it on. But after that lots of you facing a problem how to stay the lace wigs on. Especially in the summertime, the heat and sweating shorten the time of lace wig stay on your head. Here are some tips will help you to install your lace wig.

Method 1. Lace Glue

Lots of girls are getting used to using lace glue to install their lace wigs.  This looks very simple, but still, pay attention to your hairline. Creating a natural hairline wearing a lace wig is the most important part of the whole installation. Make sure your lace wig is already plucked and the lace color matches with your skin tone.

Before using the lace glue, make sure your scalp is clean, not oily or greasy. Braided your natural hair and covered with a wig cap will be recommended. Use a makeup sponge and brush will help you to evenly spread the glue. DO NOT APPLY THE GLUE ON YOUR WIG CAP, ONLY APPLY TO YOUR SKIN. You can choose your favorite brand lace wig glue. We found some brand for you.

  1. Bold Hold Extreme Cream Adhesive Glue

Features & Details: apply a thin layer of bold hold extreme cream adhesive glue to skin only. Allow drying until tacky. This can be up to 5 layers. Each layer must be clear before adding next layer. Attach your lace unite, allow to cure for 24 hrs before getting wet.

lace wig install tutorial

  1. Ghose Bond XL Adhesive

Features & Details: It’s specially formulated for those with oily skins and scalps, heavy perspiration and those in climates with high moisture and humidity. It’s safe for use on both poly and lace hair unit.

  1. Got2b Styling Spiking Hair Glue

Features & Details: screaming hold, water resistant. Wind-tunnel tested, it can hold your lace under intense weather conditions.

Note: No matter which lace wig glue you choose, DO NOT THEY WILL LAST FOREVER. Especially, for those who sweat a lot and go swimming often in summer. Swimming, work out, washing lace wig is not recommended until 24 hours up.

Method 2. Wig Grip

Wig grip is a great way made for those who are looking for comfortable to secure your lace wig. You can wear wig grip under any lace wigs, hats or scarfs. Most of the wig grip in the market are made from velvet. Here are details that to apply wig grip.

Step 1.  Wear a wig cap or pin up your hair, make your hair falt to put on wig grip.

Step 2. Put the wig grip on top of your hairline and use the strap at the back to adjust the size.

Step 3. Put your lace wig on top of wig grip.  Shake your head side to side make sure the wig stays on your head.

For the beginner who wearing lace wigs, this probably the easiest way to apply your lace wig. It won’t damage your hair because of any chemical glue. Any wig grips cost from $15-$20. Wig grip stretch can be worn out easily.

Method 3. Double side wig tape

Wig tape is just like lace wig glue. NEVER APPLY WIG TAPE ON YOUR NATURAL HAIR. If you are an allergy to lace wig glue. Try double side lace wig tape maybe is better.

Step1. before you apply wig tape. Make sure your skin is clean, not oily.  You can use makeup cotton pad to wipe the area along your hairline.

Step 2. Use a new makeup cotton pad, apply a thin layer of a liquid band-aid. If you are sensitive skin, this is recommended.

Step 3. Cut the wig tape into several wig strips and apply wig strip to different sections on your head. Eye pencil will be helpful to mark where you put the tape. Remove paper from it and put the front of your lace wig, press firmly to secure it.

Step 4. Remove the tape one strip at a time,  DO NOT PEEL ALL THE TAPE AT ONE TIME. Make sure you press your wig firmly for each section.

There are not too many name brand wig tape online. We only find few options, most of them are no brand comes in roll tape.

  1. No brand name double-side wig tape. Most of them come in a roll.
  2. Bold Hold Wig Tape.
  3. Walker Ultra Hold Double Side Wig Tape.

Note: If you really really want to secure your lace wig, you can use double side wig tape and lace wig glue together. Be careful when you remove the tape or glue. If you change your lace wig very often, lace wig glue and wig tape are not recommended for you.


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