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How To Take Care Your Lace Wigs When Swimming?

by yingying xu |  | 22 comments

No Summer can be called Summer without going swimming pool or wear your new style swimsuit lay down on the beach. But if you wearing a $200 up lace wigs, will you really enjoy the moment? You will think this may be a challenge wearing your expensive wig. Is the water will damage your wig? Will the water will make it fell off? (This could be one of the most embarrassing moments in your life).

You know all girls love to take photos when they at a nice swimming pool. They want their hair look perfect, they want their body in shape. That’s why no girls will leave their head bare.

Here are some tips for you on how to swim with your lace wig?

Do Not Swim With Your Favorite Or Expensive Wig! (3 Times Repeat)

I know Y’all want to be the perfect fit your swimsuits, your makeup of the day. Everything has to be perfect at the day. But….my dear I have to be honest to you. DO NOT WEAR YOUR EXPENSIVE WIGS swimming or go to bleach. Because Chlorine and Salt will shorten the lifespan of your wig.

Chlorine is a chemical used in the swimming pool to make water clean and sanitary. It can stretch out your wig and speed your color wig fade.

Water is good for your wig can make your fresh, styling and soften your wig cap. But Salt water is evil for your wig and your lace wig cap, and even your favorite fancy color wig. If the wig stays too long in salt water, the hair will lose its moisture of it and start looks brittle. The wig cap also becomes weaken.

Girl Here is a friendly reminder: just take a few photos wearing your favorite wigs at the beach or swimming pool. DO NOT STAY TOO LONG IN THE WATER!!!

Buttttt. Don’t be sad, If you really want to do so. Beach Braids Will Save You

Just take 5 minutes before you jump into the water. Make s simple braid on your wig will help you keep your wig original style and texture. You will definitely look cute as well with your beach braid wig.

Use waterproof lace wig tape or lace wig glue

It’s just like you apply waterproof sunscreen cream. Standard lace wig tape or wig glue won’t last long when your wig is always wet. But try stronger waterproof lace wig glue to attach your lace better.

Don’t forget conditioning your wig afterward

A good afterward wigs maintenance will also extend the lifespan of your wigs. First, wash your lace wigs with regular water and gentle shampoo. This will help to remove the salt and chemicals from your wigs. And then you can do an overnight spa on your wig if you have time. Leave your wig deep conditioning into the basin (mix some coconut oil or olive oil) overnight. The simplest way is to spray with a leave-in conditioner.


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